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D-RAÍZ is a Galician sustainable fashion accessories company and a multi-brand store that appreciates ​​craftsmanship, locally produced, done with passion and affection.

It is a tool to express an identity, to reach out to others.

A creative process that involves design, art, cinema, theater, music, philosophy… Refined aesthetic, design and quality materials are part of its DNA. Limited editions of timeless designs. Committed to the philosophy of sustainable manufacture made in Spain and consistent with the use of natural resources, thus reducing the environmental impact.


Contemporary designs closely aligned with tradition and handmade. In collaboration with local artisans, building relations of mutual value with a broader scope such as human development, social equity and environmental care. Local manufacture. Small-scale or made-to-order production. A business model far from the classic fashion calendar. A clear and transparent narrative. Full traceability of the supply chain and processes. On the way towards sustainable fashion.

Zero Waste

A circular model of ecodesign with a special focus on the complete cycle of production and the entire product lifetime. Striving for the minimal environmental impact at every stage. Fostering reuse or recycling without compromising functionality or quality. D-RAÍZ only uses single fiber, virgin, organic or recovered materials in its designs. Minimalist and timeless pieces that are not subject to the dictatorship of fashion trends.


Raw materials of plant origin such as Piñatex, made from pineapple leaf fiber. Biomaterials such as Malai, made from compostable coconut fiber. Fabrics recovered from untapped stocks. Organic cotton, linen, tencel or hemp. D-RAÍZ embodies its designs in sustainable materials in close collaboration with local suppliers. Adding details in wood or ceramic that enhance the craftsmanship process.

Do you want to sell D-RAÍZ products?

If you have a store specializing in accessories and sustainable fashion and you want to market D-RAÍZ branded products, contact us. We would be delighted to help you.

Complementos de moda sostenible - Acerca de D-Raíz


Local manufacture made in Galicia. A creative laboratory where inspiration and experimentation become a leitmotif for the project.

A place where the manual nature of the process turns out to be a mixture of creativity, concepts, ideas and emotions. A place to tell stories through products entirely handcrafted. Where innovation lives in perfect harmony with tradition through a sustainable and contemporary approach.

Craft workshop qualified by Artesanía de Galicia.


Accessories, Sustainable Fashion and Contemporary Crafts. A space where own-branded products, collaborations and an exquisite selection of signature pieces, handcrafted by local designers and artisans, coexist. Joined by a common D-RAÍZ philosophy and by the minimalist and timeless aesthetic that it possesses.

In the heart of A Coruña, the D-RAÍZ store is an unique proposition. An ever-changing space. Diaphanous and luminous. Functionality and aesthetics in an intimate and cozy space. Designed by the creator of the brand with natural materials, recycled woods and objects that tell us stories.

Complementos de moda sostenible - Felicidad Pérez- Acerca de D-Raíz


After developing her professional career in Madrid and Lisbon working for leading fashion companies, Felicidad returns to Galicia, her homeland, to create a sustainable fashion brand pooling tradition and innovation, design and crafts.

In 2017, this gave birth to D-RAÍZ in the spirit of creating exclusive collections and experimenting with new alternative materials to traditional animal skins and synthetic materials. Pays special attention to details. Inspired by art and nature with the slow fashion philosophy.

Felicidad collaborates and interacts with other designers and artisans who promote quality fashion and respect for people and the environment.

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