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Discover our Zero waste sustainable accessories. Zero waste rucksacks and bags. Designs that aim to eliminate the waste of materials.

A great amount of the fabric used by the fashion industry is wasted. Fashion very quickly has a negative effect on the environment. From D-RAÍZ we bet for timeless collections of long-lasting accessories that eliminate the material losses and recover fabrics providing them with a new life.

Using zero waste techniques we produce fashion accessories with little or no fabric waste. Our patterns include intelligent manipulation of fabrics and of the cutting of pieces so that there are no residues. We eliminate the empty spaces between the pattern pieces, interlacing one another like in a puzzle, and with the remaining’s we make small pieces like pockets and ornaments.

The use of geometrical shapes also facilitates this type of patterns, bringing our accessories close to the sustainability concept.

  • 87.00 


    Brown and burnt yellow tote bag, unisex, customizable, crafted from felt cloth 100% wool with double handle and adjustable vegetable-tanned sling strap. Chocolate brown handbag with embroidery. The upper part is pleated. Designed and ethically handcrafted in Galicia. Zero waste pattern design. It is part of the Passion Wool collection. This collection is inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetics and by the constructivist art which is characterized by its geometric symmetry in patterns. All the materials have been purchased from providers in the vicinity.  
  • 115.00 


    The ecological unisex backpack from the Passion Wool winter collection is made of 100% wool felt in dark brown and rusty orange. The cotton sailcloth lining is eco printed, using the natural pigments from leaves and flowers. With a clean and elegant design, it is water-repellent and totally flexible. It has adjustable vegetable-tanned leather straps and front pockets.
  • 70.00 


    Brown handbag  with burnt yellow backstitch embroidery. With a slim and sleek design, it has a pleated upper part and double leather handles. Is is part of the Passion Wool collection and it is crafted from felt 100% wool. It has a cotton lining and a double inner pocket. It is designed and ethically handcrafted in Galicia with zero waste pattern design. Water-resistant and very versatile.
  • 115.00 


    The minimalist unisex backpack from the Passion Wool winter collection is made of 100% wool felt. It has a clean and elegant design, it is water-repellent and totally flexible. It has adjustable vegetable-tanned leather straps and front pockets. It has a cotton lining with double inner pocket.

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